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2018 National Youth Indoor Championships Pittsburg State University - Pittsburg, KS -  Feb 16-18
ONLINE  MEET  REGISTRATION  -  -  -                                       Costs:  YES-Athletics (Individual) Membership --- $10 (annual) . . . National Meet Entry Fee --- $20                                              The registration process for YES-Athletics activities, events and competiton is unique.  Club-Parents  can process online (1) Parent Authorization, (2) Membership Fees, and (3) Meet Entry Fees.  However,  parents cannot enter their student in the actual running events or field events at championship meets.  The club’s Coach of Record (or designee) is the only person that can perform the task of entering the students into their respective running events or field events.  A custom website has been developed that facilitates this entire process.  For more details, continue reading below - - - then visit “      Registration for YES-Athletics competition, events or activities involves the following four steps. - - -                                           What Club-Parents can do online on the ENDURO USA website (after setting up an account):  -  -  -   (1)  Process online Parent Authorization;  (must be completed by the parent - NOT by the “Coach of Record”)   (2)  Process YES-Athletics Individual Membership;  (may be processed individually by parents or as a club)   (3)  Process Indoor Championship Meet Entry Fees.  (may be processed individually by parents or as a club)             Club-Parents --- do NOT “upgrade” your ENDURO USA account to complete these steps.             Simply login and click on “My Roster List” (in the left navigation panel) - - - then click on             “Club-Parent’s Roster”.  Search for and add your student(s) to your roster.  It’s just that simple.                    What the club’s “Coach of Record” (or designee) can do (after setting up an account):  -  -  -   (4)  Enter each student into their respective running events or field events.  (complete before the deadline)          - - - Coach of Record --- you must “UPGRADE” your ENDURO USA account in order to add                 “Student Rosters” to your account.  During the upgrade process, you will be able to add the                 desired Rosters (Boys Track, Girls Track, etc.).  (Note:  the upgrade process can take up to 24 hours.)                  To upgrade, login --- click on your name (at the top of the window) - then click “Upgrade Account”.                 You will find the remaining upgrade instructions on the Upgrade Account window.   (4a) The Coach of Record is also responsible for ensuring that all pole vaulters within his/her club has           a signed “Pole Vaulter Weight Verification Form” that is signed by the student’s parent.  This form           must be turned in to the head pole vault judge BEFORE the student begins competition at the meet.           To print a copy of this form, click HERE. BEFORE Club-Parents can complete the steps above, the “Coach of Record” must set up his/her own                 ENDURO USA account - then add each student to his/her “Main Roster(s)” (boys/girls).                                                            AFTER the club’s Coach of Record has added the student’s to his/her “Main Rosters” (boys/girls),              each Club-Parent can then log into their respective ENDURO USA account to search for              and add their student(s) to their “Club-Parent’s Roster”.  - - - After a student is added to a                “Club-Parent’s Roster” the parent can then complete the first three (3) steps listed above.               - - - After a Club-Parent has completed the three steps above, the “Coach of Record” can                      then proceed to enter that parent’s student(s) in their running events and/or field events. Remember - - - Club-Parents must have their own ENDURO USA account - set up in their own name (as the parent), NOT in their student’s name.  Parents - please do NOT setup your account in your student’s name.   Parents should direct their questions concernng the running events and field events their student is     entered in (at the national indoor meet) to their team’s / club’s “Coach of Record”.   Additional information concerning the membership and registration process for YES-Athletics  competition is available after logging into your ENDURO USA account.